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Do not process all unprocessed/pending events when a flow turned off is turned back on.

A polling trigger periodically makes a call to a service to look for new data, and if I turned off my flow and then turned it back on, all unprocessed/pending events are processed.


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I oppose to the specifications that old events occurred while a flow is turned off are triggered when the flow is turned back on.


If you can't change the specifications, I require a pop-up with warning texts before the flow with a polling trigger is turned back on,

such as "The trigger is polling type. If you turn it on, it may work even for old items."


Please vote if you think so as well.

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Seconded - I'm testing multiple versions of the same flow on a test platform and every time I toggle between my different versions, I get a massive backlog.


It's a hindrance and I don't want to get buried under a pile of accumulated events when I'm explaining/demo-ing my flows to my colleagues/stakeholders.

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I agree with this and like the idea of asking "Do you want to run for triggers that occurred while it was "off"?  I turned a flow off today and turned it back on, which triggered it even though the trigger condition is "When a new SharePoint list item is created" the flow ran 4200 times!  There were not 4200 new list items created while the flow was off, so by the logic of how Power Automate is configured today it shouldn't have run.  Either way, when a flow is off, it should be OFF and when its turned back on the user should understand or be prompted to decide what should happen next if the flow is to be triggered by anything other than its conditions to run.