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Docusign Integration - Adding a Document to an Envelope

The first thing to do while building a DocuSign envelope, even before adding recipients, is to add documents.

For example, we have a scenario where a flow take some files from a specific SharePoint folder, add them into an envelope and send them out.

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Great idea, there is really no point in sending prebuild templates without having the option to customizing the details in the document before hand.

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I agree.  Having a flow that triggers off uploading a document to Sharepoint/OneDrive, then passing that document to the Action of "Add Document to Envelope" is the first step in our scenario.  The other DocuSign flow items are nice to have, but they're mostly just helping keep track of status.


Any idea if this Action is planned?

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I can't believe there isn't an option to pass a selected document through DocuSign.
The user knows when the document is ready for signature.
Currently the only way I see it working is if the document is uploaded after its edited and ready for signature. Don't we want users using SharePoint to edit the document first? Isn't there a conceivable use case where the document has to be reviewed and signed multiple times?


Someone please tell me I'm wrong and it works as most would expect?

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We are looking for the same functionality. I can not belive we are not able to write a process using flow that will upload the document to the template to be sent out...silly...

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This would be fantastic if it was possible - any update on when this may be considered? Seems like there are lots of people getting 1\3 way through using the DocuSign connector then having to abandone it due to lack of functionality available via the actions. Please make this possible MS!! 

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MS Team; This should be made possible. 


I have built the flow for merging data into a word documenting, converting that into PDF, sending that over an email; Now I want to send this document via flow to a Docusign envelope / template for it to be signed off. I have been looking for an option to do that, for days now. I was wondering what I am missing here and then stumbled upon this article.


Isn't there a way to get this done?