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Don't hide dynamic content options / Remove 'see more' button to extend visible dynamic content opti

This happens when I create a flow with todoist.


When I use the action "new todoist project" and want to use the dynamic content of that action, it initially shows "project name" as the only dynamic content option.

It took some time to figure out that there was a 'see more' button that shows more options like "project id" etc.


This is not intuitive at all, especially since it doens't happen for other actions (like "new todoist task"), where all the dynamic content is shown at all times.


That problem is also referred to in this discussion, where a community support member also had issues with this.


In a flow that has very many actions this is also very time consuming, because first I have to scoll down to the dynamic content from "new todoist project", then click the "see more" button, and then scroll down again, because the dynamic content field is reloaded after the click.

Status: New