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Drag and drop actions

Scenario: I have an action inside a for each, do until or a condition.

And let's say that I create a new condition. I cannot drag and drop any of the action items from one condition to another and I have to manually recreate the action.

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Hi @sundayDriver


it is possible but slightly annoying, you can create an 'scope', put all actions inside the scope and after move your scope to other condiction.


Hope this help


Best Regards,


Gustavo Moraes


It is not only for conditions. It will be great to be able to move action in general in the design stage. I had to recreate similar actions to try out. One cannot make a created action inactive without deleting it completely. For example, in the design stage, if a person changes the mind, then an action has to be recreated. Therefore, please make the edit screen more user friendly. Please think of SSIS screens, you can create an action/step, deactivate it for later use. Then drag it around.