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Dropbox Trigger - "Synch Folders and Files"


This is useful for content creators who are continually generating content for their team whose primary access point is SharePoint. This trigger allows content creators or similar to connect their Dropbox account (longtime Dropbox user) with SharePoint in order to sync content from specific folders so other team members can have access to everything inside that folder. 




Synch Folders and Files

If a new Dropbox to SharePoint Flow is created, this Trigger will query the Dropbox folder and push both the folder and files, in hierarchal order, (basically everything inside the selected Dropbox folder) up into SharePoint. You can also select the frequency it checks the Dropbox folder, eg; 1, 5, 10, 15-minute intervals in order to keep that content up to date – whatever minute, hour, daily interval you desire.


I've been a long time user of Zapier, which is extremely well thought out and executed. I'm turning to Flows for two reasons:

The first reason is the MS users on my team are trying to force me out of using those tools so I'm keeping an open mind and using Flows exactly how I might in any other instance. The second reason is that SharePoint doesn't allow the upload of entire folders and their contents (similar to how Google Drive works).


The absence of this trigger leaves a gaping hole in the Dropbox Flow and creates an obstacle to sharing popular content in SharePoint with my team.


I look forward to seeing what's possible inside the Flow team.

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I have a similar need. Many of my clients use Dropbox folders that we need access to. I need to be able to sync the creation and update of files and folders in Dropbox to SharePoint as well as push updates made by us in SharePoint to their Dropbox.