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Drupal CMS

Drupal is one of the world wide leading content management systems and used for very popular websites. It more generic and better for enterprise use.


To be very very happy and to support my business It would be very helpful to have an DRUPAL Trigger and Action like WordPress or with more features.


- Trigger:

  - Start when a new Post is published (with filter by fields)

  - Start when a new User is signed in

  - Start when a Post is updated/changed (with filter by field)

- Actions:

  - CRUD Post(s) (with ContentType and fields)

  - CRUD User(s)

  - CRUD File(s)


But the first step would be to have Triggers.

Status: New
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Posting a wiki or publishing page to Drupal, and updating nominated SharePoint metadata as Drupal tags ot META fiields, with styles keyed to Drupal style sheets is on my list.