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Duplicate / copy a flow within a Solution

Please allow us to have some method of duplicating a Flow within a solution, save-as, copy, etc.

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Solutions are the only way to use the "Child Flow" feature (e.g. subroutine) for repetitive tasks.  Being able to duplicate flows within a solution will allow us to quickly generate and test variants and minimize troubleshooting of complex flows with lots of formulas.



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Please implement it as soon as possible.
In the case of a configuration that uses a small flow, it is a waste of time to create a new one each time.

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Another reason why Solutions are not the answer to a lot of our problems with managing a long list of Flows.

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Great suggestion.  I've linked to it in antother form, and more recently wrote a blog post of tips and trips to help work around some of these kinks.



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You can still open up the individual flows and do a save as from there then add the saved copy back into the solution.