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Dynamic Timeout for Flow Actions

I would like to create a string variable that I set dynamically to an ISO 8601 compliant time span value and then assign that as the Timeout value on an action.


In my scenario I have an Everyone Must Approve Approvals Action. If all approvers have not approved by a specific Thursday, 3pm the request should timeout and an Approval should go to another approver. I would like to set the Approval Action Timeout to variables('Approval Timeout'). If I do this now I receive an error message.


'The string 'variables('Approval Timeout')' is not a valid TimeSpan value.

Error when setting timeout to a string variableError when setting timeout to a string variable

I sure would like to see this feature added. If it is possible some other way please let me know.


Status: New
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Push up! Have you figured out another way to archive this?