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Dynamic content in File & Table inputs - Excel (Business) connector "List rows present in a table"

So I am thinking on a Manual Trigger is a trigger initiated by a user from a Sharepoint Document Library for a selected file, in my case an Excel file. The next step I would like to achieve is to List rows present in a table, assuming all files stored in the Sharepoint Library are excel files with the same table structures.


The scenario is detailed in moredetail here:


According to Microsoft's Flow team response; Microsoft flow support to select a file from the picker in the "Excel (Business)" connector currently, but choosing a dynamic content in the "File" field to select a file is not supported in Microsoft flow "Excel (Business)" connector currently.


Although the inputs on both action "List rows present in a table" blocks are apparently the same,the inputs on select a file from the picker is a friendly format of the file identifier,you couldn't choose a dynamic content in the "File" field to select a file.


So If I want to choose a dynamic content in the "File" field to select a file, there is no way to achieve it in Microsoft Flow currently.


As suggested, I am submitting an idea to Flow Ideas Forum.

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Hi @panand99 ,


In the list all rows present in a table action I have the following settings:


Location: I selected the Sharepoint site that hosts my Processed folder

Document Library: Documents (root folder that hosts my Processed folder)

File: the path of the file in the Processed folder including file name and extension, excluding 'Shared Documents' as it's already referenced in the Document Library setting above. eg statically set to /Automation/Processed/Filename.xlsx. This never changes because when the file is moved to this location it keeps the same path and file name each time.

Table: Table1


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@amandalee - Thank you so much for these updates.  My use case is remarkably similar to yours.  I finally went back and tested the workflow you suggested and it works! This makes life a whole lot easier.


Now to write some extra Flow to make everything play nice together...  I love Flow/Powerapps overall but this gap is a bit ridiculous.

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Still waiting for a dynamicall fiel path for exel online connectors. 


There are tons of scenarios where dynamicall file path for the excel online files are needed.


Actually we are working with very, very, very bad work-arround like having a switch in the flow and a own Excel-online-node for every excel file we have and which the flow need a connection for!!! We need dynamical file pathes.


I read now of another work arround which is also posted here in the thread, I will try next:


This functionallity is so often needed if different excel files with different pathes and different file names but having the same structure and you want to read/edit different of these files with same structure with the same work flow.


@ MS Flow Team... please do a official and simple solution for this.

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Same problem here. Just trying to figure out the purpose of actions like "Create table" if there is no possibility to subsequently (and dynamically) add rows to it straight away. I fear this connector will remain under-exploited if core features like this stay missing....

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Still waiting for this! Hope something is created soon...