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Dynamic content in File & Table inputs - Excel (Business) connector "List rows present in a table"

So I am thinking on a Manual Trigger is a trigger initiated by a user from a Sharepoint Document Library for a selected file, in my case an Excel file. The next step I would like to achieve is to List rows present in a table, assuming all files stored in the Sharepoint Library are excel files with the same table structures.


The scenario is detailed in moredetail here:


According to Microsoft's Flow team response; Microsoft flow support to select a file from the picker in the "Excel (Business)" connector currently, but choosing a dynamic content in the "File" field to select a file is not supported in Microsoft flow "Excel (Business)" connector currently.


Although the inputs on both action "List rows present in a table" blocks are apparently the same,the inputs on select a file from the picker is a friendly format of the file identifier,you couldn't choose a dynamic content in the "File" field to select a file.


So If I want to choose a dynamic content in the "File" field to select a file, there is no way to achieve it in Microsoft Flow currently.


As suggested, I am submitting an idea to Flow Ideas Forum.

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The List rows present in a table action is useless without being able to set the file id dynamically. It doesn't make any sense the way it has been built. I hope they fix this soon!

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This is a HUGE issue for me and its possibly the 3rd time I have attempted various workarounds. There is no way, you cannot update the file in a prior step because the connector apparently locks the file at launch and keeps it locked for as long as the flow is running.


Why should we be able to input dynamic data into fields that does not allow for it?

This is supposedly possible with the exel online (OneDrive) connector so a workaround is to copy a file to a onedrive location and use that connector instead. Alas, my company DLP don't allow for that connector so i am unable to test /confirm this workaround myself.

At the current time, it seems that this connector allows only a one way information flow.  You can put data into new excel files by updating a template and then copying the template, but there is no way to get data from excel documents into flow, unless the document already exists at the time of the flow being designed.  This is an incredibly huge limitation in my opinion. 

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Huge problem.

Just spent hours trying to work around this.


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Work around for excel online (Business) connector is to move the file to another location in Sharepoint with "Replace". Then when you list all rows present in a table you can query the file in the new location as the file id never changes which avoids the need to set the file id dynamically. No need to move or copy the file to excel online (OneDrive) either.

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I haven't tried the workaound mentioned above yet, but this seems like a pretty big issue to me. Especially when the old excel conncetor had this functionality. I really hope this gets resolved quickly. 

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@amandalee you mind explaining your workaround in a bit more detail?  I'm trying to wrap my head around what you're suggesting.   I've spent hours trying to work around this !(^(&@#$% issue.

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@Anonymous  sure no problems. My example is using files that I stored in Sharepoint Online (Shared Documents). I have a file I need to process each month, collect the data out of it and display it in PowerApps.


Each month when I receive a new file it is placed in Shared Documents/Inbox. From there I have a flow that moves the file once it has been created and places it in the Shared Documents/Processed folder. When the file is moved each month it Replaces a file with the same name in the Processed folder. By moving a file with Replace, the file name and table name don't change.


When I list all rows present in a table with the excel online (business) connector, I reference the file in the Processed folder and statically set the file and table name as they don't change when you use the Replace function. 


Make sure the file in the inbox and the processed box have the same name and that the table is always always called Table1 (this happens by default when you create a new table in excel). 


I hope this helps.

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Hello @amandalee 


As per your remarks here, you said that when file is moved to 'Processed' folder and then you execute another flow with 'list all rows present in a table', I want to know how you provide the file name on it. 

I am facing issues when I provide file name/file identifier or static file name.


If I provided static file name then it reverts with error - The parameter 'file' has an invalid value 


If I provided file name or file identifier then it revers with error - The expression "drives('b!c3zc0OntVkWt0NQnzdvi')/items/file.xlsx" is not valid


* This flow execute on trigger when new file is created in folder




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John Liu just wrote a blog post with a work-around to dynamically set the spreadsheet file location.  It involves using an HTTP request to get the MS Graph ID of the file.  I totally agree this functionality should be native with the connector but this is a great work-around in the meantime.