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Dynamic document links when using the move action



A slight issue arose when I first started using Power Automate for SharePoint approvals. When my document/folder approvals come to end and the file is moved to a "Processed" folder, the file links that have been included in the Teams and Outlook prompts are no longer valid as they are looking at where the original file was located rather than it's new location. The same applies to the document links included in the approval history on Power Automate which essentially serve no purpose when a flow has successfully completed.


My suggestion is either include an additional link in the approval histories that now links to the new location of the document or  have the old link replaced by one that directs to the new location of the file.


I believe this feature would save users a great deal of time if they had to audit past flows as currently you have to read the URL to ascertain the name of the file and then manually locate it in your SharePoint library/lists.


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Status: New