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Dynamic excel table names

When adding a row to an Excel table, I would like to set the table dynamically from a Sharepoint list as below:


Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to set table or file names dynamically as evidenced by the error.


My workaround is to use a switch, but this is very inefficient as I have to duplicate the same actions for each switch path.  The issue is also mentioned here.


Please enable us to dynamically set Tables!




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Hi, Can I get some information about the Switch workaround. I got the same issue as all the excel files I have updated everyday and Table name changed to some GUID value.

It will be good to try the switch part and see if that fix my issue.




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Hi @Murderbot and @Anonymous 

I'm not sure if you resolved your issue. Maybe you can try what I've done to add a row into a dynamic excel file table named "Table1". My custom value express looks like concat('Table1', ''). For @Anonymous , if you have an GUID variable, you can try the express concat(variables('varGUID'), ''). Share us your result 🙂