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Dynamics 365 CE trigger on field change

Currently Flow supports record leve triggers for Dynamics 365 customer engagement. To make Flow more powerfull and we should be able to trigger on a field change within Dynamics.


Given that Flow is consumption based, its doesn't seem very cost effective to have a flow run on record change especially you have a Flow run on high volume records such as Contacts or Accounts.  


Appreciate you could use a work around utilising the Dynamics workflow and a custom entity but its not a great experaince

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Is this feature added or is there a workaround to do this?

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The feature has not been added for CE, there is something on the CDS connector that seems to be heading that way. There is a work around of sorts, using a custom entity child record, details can be found here
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The trigger on the field level will save unnessary triggers counts of the flow and will safe my money.

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Might be worth keeping an eye on the license model for Flow, depending on subscription looks like they are removing flow runs limits but moving towards a daily API call limits @Awad