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Dynamics 365 Get Record Add expand functionality

I have a flow which triggers on "When a record is created" in D365 but I would also like to get the related information (say owner name for example). I figured adding a Get Record step using the Id of the created record would work does not seem to have a box to add an expand clause to pull the related information. It seems my only option is to query for a list of records even though I already have the record ID I need?





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Hi John,

I hope you are giving the "Owner Type" as dynamic while using the "Get Record" step since it can be either User/Team. In such case Get Record will not display both User and Team fields for other flow steps. But we can assign to variable to use them as below :

1. Trigger When Record is Created - Contact Record

2. Get Record Step - Entity Name & Item Identifier as Id from above step 

3. Initialize String Variable for Owner Name

4. Check Condition if the Owner is User or Team

Owner Name in Flow.PNG



5. Set Value to Variable - If User then Full name else Team Name (The trick to see the output values from either user or team change the Step 2 Entity Name first to user then set Full Name to variable then change the step 2 Entity Name to Team then set Team Name to variable

Displaying Owner ValuesDisplaying Owner Values    Displaying Team ValuesDisplaying Team Values

6. Use the variable in your subsequent Flow Steps.


Hope this was helpful !!!!