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Dynamics CRM - Get OptionSet Text (instead of value)

It seems like it would be useful to have access to the text of an OptionSet, for use in Flow. Rather than having to translate a number like 123000001.

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Useful for sending notification emails from Flow

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Useful for showing text values on external apps (in read only mode)

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We want to show the value of a Boolean as Yes or No in an email from flow. The CRM field is a two option set, and we want to value Yes not true, and No not false.

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Would be great for automation for company forms into a word template

Not applicable

Would be a great help as i do not see a way to format the code values to text with any other option.


Adding to this I would like to be able to map optionsets from Forms Pro responses to Dynamics 365 CE. 

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This is needed in order to generate emails

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Agreed, creating a 13 page word document with lots of option sets, and it is the text I need, not the number behind the scenes.

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We require text to send with email

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Useful for email sends or anything that needs to be read by someone so word template or potentially copying a value from one place to another if required