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Dynamics CRM flow with Mailchimp

We would like to administrate contacts and marketing campaigns within our Dynamics CRM Database. We would like those lists to sync with mailchimp. A lots of other CRM system has this connection already like for example Salesforce. We dont want to administrate contacts and marketinglist on both places.

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Fredrik, Did you ever get anywhere with this? Looking for the same flow. When a Contact is added to a  Marketing List it is added to the MailChimp List with same name and vice versa for unsubsribers. 

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I'm trying to achieve the same. I can use flow to create a new contact in Dynamics if someone signups to a newsletter using mailchimp form but there is no update trigger in flow.


Has anyone been able to update trigger an update using flow if a member updates in mailchimp list?




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I just want to be able to add additional fields to the connector that exist in mailchimp, such as company name, job we can bring them over from CRM as well.  Just name and email are a bit lacking in the connector so far.