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Dynamics List Records - add Expand Query data to output

Hi all,


This may have already been requested but I have the case where I'd like to create a Flow which pulls out Opportunities which haven't been touched in a week and sends an email containing an HTML table, listing these Opportunities. This works well, but I'd like to include the Owner name and at present if you pull in a lookup field you only get the GUID.


I've tried to use the 'Expand Query' option with owninguser($select=fullname) and although I can see the correct data in the output, it's not referenceable in the Dynamic Content in subsequent actions. I would like to request that if you use this Expand Query option, the selected fields from the related entity are included as Dynamic Content.


I am aware there's a workaround to 'Get Record' passing the owner GUID but because I need to put the output of this along with the 'List Records' output into an HTML table, I don't believe this is an option for me.


Hope that's clear - happy to discuss as needed - thanks!

Status: New
Kudo Commander

Before this idea is accepted and the functionality is implemented, you can achieve using the workaround solution that I tried.


  • Add parse JSON action from Data Operations before the actual action
  • Set Current Content from the Apply to Each action to Content
  • Use sample payload to generate schema
  • Reference the output value from Parse JSON action in the next action

In the sample below, new_name column is the column from Expand Query and used in the actual action using the output value from Parse JSON action