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Dynamics NAV triggers - When a record is created

All triggers for Dynamics NAV have been removed - it would be really useful if we can get these back asap please!

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A lot of other applications allow trigger when a specified Property has changed.


E.g. on Contact property changed, contact removed, contact created etc

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Hi @sveinhansen Thanks ... I was looking at getting flow to send an automated email to line managers when an expenses record is created in NAV to notify the line manager they need to approve the record in NAV any ideas on how this can be done currently in Flow?

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Sorry, no. It seems like the triggers necessary in the connector is no longer available and that they are looking into releasing a new version of the connector at some point. I have no idea when.


With no triggers in the connector, you can not start a Flow upon events occurring in NAV.

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Didn't think so, just thought I'd check and see if I'd missed anything  - Thanks though! 🙂