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Dynamics record update on specific attribute

Currently Dynamics 365 connector has a trigger for "When a record is updated", but this is intended to trigger on any attribute update of the record.

Would it not be better, if we are able to specify the attributes of interest where the trigger should start the flow.


This would open up a wide range of possibilities to use flow for dynamics 365. 

Given that some flexibilty can be obtained using a conditional action, still a huge load can be expected as it is getting triggered for every attributes. Also, the conditional operator does not allow to check with the value before update, only absolute comparisons.


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This is exactly what I would need too.

I have many types of contacts withing my CRM. I need flows targeted at certain contacts that would ignore the others.


Ideally, it would require the use of the same request designer as Dynamics 365 already offers for the views or marketing lists.


As it currently stands, Flow is almost useless to answer to the business needs I must find answers to...


Hi @Anonymous

Even though the trigger does not support that. In your scenario, you can have a trigger on contact, then have a condition following the trigger to filter out your required contacts. Then you can apply your changes.

The limitation is that you cannot detect change in an attribute, only if an attribute satisfied some condition or not.


The idea suggested was to listen on not just update of an entity, but of a particular attribute of the specified entitye.

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Sorry, I asked our consultants about it (too quickly apparently) and they told me that Flow was too limited in that regard. I should have read the description of your idea more carefully.

I just checked your solution and it does seem to do the trick.


I obviously haven't tested the load on the system yet, but given how many updates we can expect, it might indeed be good to not have to launch a flow everytime one happens...


Thanks and sorry again for the bother.



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I ran into this issue today with a flow.  I am verifying that data entered into two address lines is formatted in a specific way.  I only want the trigger to execute when those two fields/values are modified and not when another field is updated.  Why trigger the flow and have to terminate it.

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If you switch to a Common Data Service trigger (when record is updated) you can monitor a specific field or set of fields for changes. This will prevent the flow from triggering on all changes to that entity.


Have a look at this article that compares the triggers.Dynamics 365 vs Common Data Service Triggers and Actions

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Thank you Piper!  I will give that a try.  Appreciate the quick response.