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Easier troubleshooting - show custom error-code from terminate action in run history

Hi fellow Flow enthusiasts,


TL;DR: Make error-codes from the Terminate-action visible in the run history of Flow.


Please UPVOTE this idea if you find it useful und would like to see this in the future. Additional improvements can be stated in the comment section


We all have been there. You have X amount of flow runs, all succeeded but only 1 of them is the Flow which you are searching for. With the "Terminate"-action we finally can manually let the unimportant Flows fail or cancel instead of marking the exceptions as succeded. This is already a step in the right direction. Also they give u the opportunity to set custom error-codes and messages if we let the flow fail manually.


Flow Terminate.png






 If this error-code (and possibly even the message) would be dislayed and it could be filtered upon that property this would make troubleshooting flows way easier.

There could possibly also a code be used in the cancelled runs.


Flow run history Code.png

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Frequent Visitor

Yup agreed.  Displaying the "Terminate" messages in the Run History would be a nice addition.  Digging through a complex Flow while testing to find which "Terminate" action triggered is annoying.    

New Member

Very good idea to avoid scrolling the entire flow