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Easy management of secure strings

Whenever we add a trigger/ action, there are some fields that need secure connection string. In Production environment, it is not feasible to copy-paste these connection strings. It would be good to provide a link to get SecretValue from a SecretKey based on KeyVault (auth of KeyVault TBD).


Also, provision for saved data entity (including creds for KeyVault) at a centralized location, which can be re-used in many places. For e.g., instead of providing KeyValue pair of KeyVault connection string at multiple places, i just use a tag KeyVault_1, which is defined at a centralized location.

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I was just looking how to do this - for a lot of things we do not like plaintexting passwords.  Some of the components say to use a secure paramter - it would be great if we could pull them from a managed identity, similar to data factory v2