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Elgato Stream Deck



I have an Elgato Stream Deck and think it would really usefull if we can use the buttons on the Stream Deck to trigger flows. I am currently working on setting it up with IFTTT and a webhook, but it's pretty cumbersome.




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This would be a great feature to increase the ability to trigger Power Automate using physical buttons. Integration with the Stream Deck would allow users to purchase a device that has 6-32 buttons and has the ability to including additional folders for limitless extensible.

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Hi... I was interested in your comments about Stream Deck as I use this all the time and wondered if you had any success with hooking it up to trigger a Flow?


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@SethBacon  & @Airside1 I did figure this out a while ago.

Using the "HTTP request" action, and the URL provided by the connector.

I copied the link and put it as a "Open website" action in Stream Deck, then added a "Ctrl+W" macro after it.


This navigates to the web-page and closes the tab, allowing the flow to run. 



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Unfortunately, the HTTP Request action is a Premium connector. 🙄 I would really like to set up my StreamDecks to trigger PowerAutomate rather than mindlessly running some of them every 10 minutes whether needed or not. Ugh....

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@ThomasKunka  to be fair, it wasn't when I created the flow. (And it still works) 🤐