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Email Forms


Im looking for a way to be able to enter data into a SharePoint List then have the data put into a Word form and then export as a PDF so that I recieve an email with the form filled with the necissary data.

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An option would be instead of a list use a library. Instead of the columns in your list use columns in your library. You can then create a document template and use word quick parts to include column items. I have used this solution and for some cases it is great. You can change data in the columns and it will be reflected in the word file and vice versa. It is also a great way of using metadata in a library to easily find files etc. A basic how to can be found here


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Hi @psanders!


Please read the post:


It actually describes how to merge Plumsail Form's data into an HTML-template and then convert it into PDF and send for approval. But you can populate the template from a SharePoint list as well. Also, Plumsail Forms supports SharePoint, so you can customize a regular SharePoint form and make it fully responsive, distribute fields in tabs or accordions and add custom business logic with the help of our rich JS-framework!