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Embed images into emails sent from Power Automate

Currently the send an email actions can only link to images hosted in SharePoint Online (or other sources) but if the user receiving the email does not have an authentication token the images do not load in Outlook. Please add an option to embed images similar to sending directly through Exchange so that images will always display.

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New Member

Came here to submit this same idea!

Regular Visitor

I worked around this by inserting an initialized variable containing a html string with the image itself as a data URI.

Regular Visitor

I did tried initialize variable option. it displayed image in mail however on second day it is still the problem.

Advocate I

good idea


Regular Visitor

Hi All - I could figured out issue. it is our organization policy which expires share link after 24 hours.

Advocate I

I use the "get file content" to import an image into the flow, then add the file as an attachment to the mail and use specific coding to insert it into the mail.