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Embedded Flow Buttons for SharePoint

The Flow mobile app (iOS/Android) buttons are fantastic! I'd love to have the ability to embed a mobile-style Flow button in a SharePoint page as a webpart or even using embed code. 



Status: Started

Updating the status per the below comments - this is about web pages not lists.

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Something like this (though more size/shape options would be welcome)...


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I second this!

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Context!  Whatever approach is taken, there needs to be a way of injecting data into the flow trigger based on the screen context - whether that is the page itself, or something from another webpart - selected item in a list or gallery, etc.

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Status changed to: Completed

This is enabled today - check out @WonderLaura's great blog post to see how:

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Hi Stephen, I don't think you're reading the feedback accurately - the request here is for a webpart that allows for a flow-triggering button.  The link you have quoted here is to provide a button in a sharepoint list.

This is not the same thing - for example - Start a flow that has nothing to do with a sharepoint list, or a flow which can be used to add an item to a list.  Last time I checked, the webpart that renders a sharepoint list into a page doesn't support custom rendered columns, so even the quoted solution here won't work from a sharepoint page.

Hope you will reconsider this feedback.




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@Stephen - @BenHatton is correct; @WonderLaura's solution is great, but is not what we're looking for. Ben did a great job of clarifying the request, but please let me know if more is needed.

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I tried to use the blog post to add a "sign up" button to a SharePoint list, but I cannot find a custom action flow with a selected item trigger for SharePoint. I'd like to embed buttons in pages as well.

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I stick to BenHatton, I look for a solution to just create a button which start a flow. The button should be able get integrated into a modern page in sharepoint. I think this topic "Embedded Flow Buttons for SharePoint" was about this feature.


A button like this: Flow button for mobile

Same like described under the link, but be able to integrate it in a modern page, start it from the modern page, and get a pop-up to enter the input optins for the button-trigger.


best regards



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Status changed to: Started

Updating the status per the below comments - this is about web pages not lists.