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Embedded Flow Buttons for SharePoint

The Flow mobile app (iOS/Android) buttons are fantastic! I'd love to have the ability to embed a mobile-style Flow button in a SharePoint page as a webpart or even using embed code. 



Status: Started

Updating the status per the below comments - this is about web pages not lists.

Level: Powered On

This is much much needed on Modern web pages!

Level: Powered On

This would be very useful on modern pages.


Ideally it would be great if it had the option to change the format/color/image of the button as well. But replicating the mobile button would be a good start

Level: Power Up

Upvoting. Seems crazy that there is functionality that only exists in mobile, please give me a button I can hit on a PC!

Level: Powered On

So are we going to be able to insert the flow trigger button into the body of an email?


Level: Powered On

It's crazy that this is not available yet for the web part. We need buttons to trigger flows on the web, not only for mobile.