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Embedded images sent in body of email to be included as attachment

When a email trigger is used, images that are sent in the body of the request are embedded and not an actual attachment which are not included when you use the action to loop through all attachments.


These are not 'visible' when the flow runs. However, if you were to add an attachment AND add an embedded image, the Flow would pick up all of the embedded images. 


The idea would be able to get the embedded images regardless of users adding an attachment.

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Agreed. This would be a great feature! Smiley Happy

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This would be great feature! Look forward to it!

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3 years later and still doesn't seem possible. Hopefully this gets added. 


@Geckozo6 that solution is not relevant here. The request is fetching attachments from the email body, not adding attachments to the email body. 

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This feature would be very helpful since almost all images attached in an email sent from Outlook App are body embedded! 

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Yes, please look into developing this scenario as a working Flow! iOS Mail app (and most mobile mail clients) also embeds the image when shared from the picture gallery view and would be quite useful when attachments are not present.

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I've also added a new idea related to this: Properly add body from received email with embedde... - Power Platform Community (


When using the body contents from the email that triggered the Flow event, and trying to send that same content, the inlined images break as they are not embedded into the new email.

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Hi everyone! I've got unexpected behaviour, that allows to save pictures from message body.

Environment: We making a sort of local helpdesk. Flow triggers on new message, parses it and saves data to sharepoint list.

I sadly red this thread and decided to apply workaround: save original email to list as *.eml file. Flow was following: Export email -> Save exported body as file.eml to list item. If email has attachments -> For each attachment - save to list item.


Suddenly I find out that for emails with attachments flow saves embedded images as stand-alone file.

So, I transformed my flow to following:

Export email -> for each attachment - save to list item.


IDK how, but "Export email" action makes MS flow recognize all embedded images as attached files.

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Dear all,

I find a way of doing it with 2 Power automate Flow :

1rst Flow : forward the email, and delete_it -> it help to have the Embedded picture in attachment (in my case jpg attachment).






2nd Flow : download the attachment for the email send