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Enable Power Automate / Flow automations to work without a "table"

Currently data must be in a "table" (rather than standard Excel cells) to set up an automation. This is inconvenient; it would be much better to be able to create automation from the standard Excel cells without reformatting.

Status: New

One can already do this using Office Scripts. You can read data from any range (cells) and not only that you can format, create charts, pivots, etc. Please checkout



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@sumurthy Thanks! I will look into that

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@sumurthy Hi, I had a look at the article you linked but it doesn't make any reference to how this works with Power Automate / Flow. I have previously been told by Microsoft support staff that data must be in a "table" to work with Flow/PA. Could you please advise?


You can see several samples of how this will work in Power Automate here -


The Run Script action doesn't require the data to be in a table. It can access any part of Excel object model using a simple API syntax. However, it does require that you create an Office Script (which is a TypeScript based language). Happy to help further if you need help or supply sample that meets your criteria.