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Enable Scheduled/Automatic Download of Flow Run History

Currently there's no way to automate or schedule the downloading or querying of Flow Run History. Couple that with the fact that Microsoft deletes Flow run history after 28 days, and Flow suddenly becomes non-viable for a number of industries or environments where data logging and auditing is a necessity or government-mandated reality.


The current process of opening a given Flow, generating a .csv of Flow run history, and then downloading it is not sufficient.


I would like for the Flow team to add one or all of the following capabilities to Flow:

- Allow us to schedule the generation and downloading of a .csv of Flow Run History, for all flows and per-Flow.

- Give us the ability to turn on automatic downloading of Flow Run History as a company setting or personal user setting.

- Add an endpoint to the Flow API that allows us to query Run History for a given Flow on demand so that we can pull that information into a database or present it in a dashboard.

Status: New