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Enable actions on macro-enabled files

See original post here: 


We cannot do actions such as "insert row", "delete row" etc. on macro-enabled files. 


We can try working around by updating files with the "File content" data from an edited Excel file, but since it's not the same format, the target .xlsm file gets corrupted. 


Allowing for selecting macro-enabled files and for updating them from the content of non-macro-enabled files would be helpful. 

Status: New
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Please add this feature!

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Fonction serait bienvenue

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Yes, please allow .xslm file. 

I have a macro that cleans the template, because flow doesn't allow me to clear blank rows. Allowing to use a macro file is really necessary, please look into this. 

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Thank you - I am trying to manipulate an excel file with macros through power automate. I don't think this fix works for me, as I'm not necessarily connecting to MS Forms. 

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Another vote for this and a question?


This was first mentioned in 2017 but is still marked "NEW" how long till people usually see any action of this type of thing?



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Also wondering. I really need to work with xlsm.

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Any updates on this yet.. got the same problem. 

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This functionality would be amazing!!! Please add!!!