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Enable actions on macro-enabled files

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We cannot do actions such as "insert row", "delete row" etc. on macro-enabled files. 


We can try working around by updating files with the "File content" data from an edited Excel file, but since it's not the same format, the target .xlsm file gets corrupted. 


Allowing for selecting macro-enabled files and for updating them from the content of non-macro-enabled files would be helpful. 

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That would indeed be great

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I have a flow that exports data from Forms to Excel. I want to have that master sheet copy to weekly report sheets, but that requires a macro, and Flow can't use anything but .xlsx.  

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agreed, please add this functionality 

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I would love it if flows could be used to update a .xlsm file. I don't need it to run a macro, just insert a row into a file that has macros. Then my users can download the updated file from OneDrive and run the macro via a button in the file. Otherwise I'm jumping through too many hoops to create an automated task.

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This would be brilliant.  Ideally, it'd work for both .xlsm and .xlsb files.  


The inability to add rows into macro-enabled workbooks is really diminishing the value of Flow for me at the moment.