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Enable actions on macro-enabled files

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We cannot do actions such as "insert row", "delete row" etc. on macro-enabled files. 


We can try working around by updating files with the "File content" data from an edited Excel file, but since it's not the same format, the target .xlsm file gets corrupted. 


Allowing for selecting macro-enabled files and for updating them from the content of non-macro-enabled files would be helpful. 

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It's been 2 years since posting. Any updates?  I would really need that function to work. Microsoft please do it.

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Excel with macros should be generelly supported in the cloud, although I know it might cause some issues as the "cloud" is not "Windows". But as a first step, of course: voted!

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Really need flow work with macro-enabled Excel. I can't skip macro as part of the data updating function.

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Needed this today. Any update?

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Same here. Excel has a simple button to hide show columns, so its a .xlsm. But cant add it to my flow (add new column). Please add this feature!!!

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same problem 😞

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Yes please!

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This would indeed be very useful! Any update yet?

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I have just come up across this very issue.  Why cannot you connect / select in a Flow an excel macro file .xlsm?

Please add this functionality as soon as possible.

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Mike H

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Sadly and Objectively, I'm guessing Microsoft won't give much of a crap about .xlsm macro files, because Office Scripts are slowly (slowlyyyy) making their way and would technically remove the future need for VBA/xlsm.


Quite sad, because it makes Power Automates very useless for a bunch of companies that already have very functional xlsm business processes.


Right now, the absence of .xlsm support is the no1 reason my company and acquaintances don't touch Power Automate, since we cant use the "Get tables" function out of the macro files.


And I would consider converting to Office Scripts, since MS isn't supporting the legacy macro files, but the last time I checked Office Scripts just doesn't compete.

Namely, my current programs rely on a lot of PDF creation and Outlook email messaging, but a quick look at Office Scripts API informs me it doesn't handle Outlook.