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Enable / disable autoreply

It would be great if a new trigger for the office365 service could be made: Enable of disable autoreply (out of office OOO).


Possible Flows:

- enable OOO when receiving a mail with specific subject

- enable OOO by triggering a button

- enable OOO based on calendar events




Status: Completed
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Yes, I would like that too!

This is already available in Logic Apps. Any idea if it's coming to Flow too, @Stephen @merwan ?

Power Automate

Looping in @SameerCh to help answer this. 

Power Automate
It is already available in Flow (set automatic replies).

@SameerCh: You are correct. I just saw it. Before I didn't see it there, but I already saw it (in preview) in Logic Apps. 


@merwan: This status of this topic can be set to completed!







Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed