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Enable environment variable usage in triggers

I would love to be able to use environment variables in triggers. For instance when using a SharePoint trigger, I would like to be able to use an environment variable for a site URL and/or a list name.

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Advocate II

Agreed. Since the point of environment variables is to support proper ALM practices across environments, being able to point a trigger to respective dev/test/prod source systems is really important. For example, If my trigger is email arriving in a mailbox, I want to develop and test with dev/test mailboxes, without manually changing the Flow in different environments.

Frequent Visitor

I need this as well.

Advocate II

We have an app that is configurable to different scenarios and flows that should run or not depending on the scenario. The app we could customize 100%, the flows we need to turn on or off manually. So being able to access env variables in trigger conditions would solve that!