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Enable flows from 'Shifts' to Office365 Outlook (Same as StaffHub)

Currently we use Flows to automatically send our StaffHub shifts to Office365 Calendars.


We are testing 'Shifts' through teams and it would be great to have the same Flows that are available in StaffHub, available for 'Shifts', such as the following Triggers & Actions:


   - When a new shift is added to the team

   - When a shift ids updated in a team

   - When a shift request is updated etc.


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I am also interested in this functionality. I don't know if there is a way to create a custom flow to obtain this, or if I have to wait for a Shifts + Flow template.

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From my experience existing Staffhub flows will still work when migrated to Shifts. Actually it is still possible to use the Staffhub connector when you can determine the Shifts/Staffhub id (starting with TEAMS_). I was able to get my ids by opening Teams/Shifts in Chrome and use DevTools (F12) and the Network tab.

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@JoostP can you share a few more details around this? I'm assuming the team would have needed to be in StaffHub before shifts in order for this to work?

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@JoostP How can I do this, really interested to try this feature 

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@Damohtc  @am549 


  1. Go to in your browser
  2. F12 (Chrome DevTools) | Network
  3. Click on Teams
  4. Search for Teams_ in DevTools
  5. Copy the Teams_ ID to Flow Staffhub connector

It seems I am only getting the Teams_ID from Shifts, that migrated from Staffhub however.

I am also getting the teams_id of Shifts created in Teams! And got the connector working.


Shifts teams_id is not the same as you Teams teams_id I guess.


Maybe I it is also possible to get the teams_id of your Shifts via the Beta of the Graph api, but I cant find it:


2019-09-13 15_49_11-Window.png


2019-09-13 15_50_36-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png