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Enable null function to clear a previous value from a person or group field

 When using the Update Item action for a SharePoint List, it is not currently possible to clear a value that has been previously set in a Person or Group type field (Claims). Attempting to do this currently causes the Flow to fail, with a "Badgateway" 402 error, arising from a "user does not exist" 400 error.


Please enable the dynamic content expression to allow use of the Null() function to clear previous content from ANY field type, including person or group claims fields.

Status: New
Regular Visitor

It is very disappointing that this appears to still be broken.

I simply can't use a Power App to clear the a single selection Person or Group column of a SharePoint list.

Regular Visitor

Still waiting... How many years does it take to enable setting a column to be blank in a SharePoint list?


Somehow the best workaround, even a few years later, is still to send HTTP requests to SharePoint as in this well-explained hot mess: How to update the SharePoint People Picker Field using Power Automate (


This is decidedly not user-friendly. C'mon, man...

Helper V

I find it incredible that this has still not been fixed

New Member

I've worked around this, by using a flow to show all group members and then delete each member. The only drawback is that you need to run it on loop a few times if you have over 100 users in the group

New Member

I created a forum account just to upvote this idea. This lack of functionality has posed many challenges.

New Member

The original post of this mess was published in 2017, almost 5 years and nothing done. 

New Member

I'll echo the other statements here; using the REST API for this seems overkill and not user friendly.