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Enable null function to clear a previous value from a person or group field

 When using the Update Item action for a SharePoint List, it is not currently possible to clear a value that has been previously set in a Person or Group type field (Claims). Attempting to do this currently causes the Flow to fail, with a "Badgateway" 402 error, arising from a "user does not exist" 400 error.


Please enable the dynamic content expression to allow use of the Null() function to clear previous content from ANY field type, including person or group claims fields.

Status: New
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Just going to second this since it is inconvenient in the extreme. I like the suggestion of using null() to generally clear all field types for consistency. I think developing another SharePoint action other than Update Item should not be needed for this.


@ONYXJas You can use the REST API to do this in Flow using a POST request and setting the field to -1, if you need a work around badly.

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Yeah, this problem really put a damper in my development this week. 


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As mentioned by the two commentors above, this is a serious shortcoming for something that should be inherent in the system. It's a shame such a simple piece of functionality has been so slow to be implemented. You are basically making some of the most powerful functionality (Person field as a column) useless. Please spend less time adding new triggers and more time perfecting base functionality.

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Which is even worse, you can't pass a blank value using expression to Person field. 

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it's been 2 YEARS - will this be reviewed and fixed?

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This need to be fixed in forms and in flow

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Absolutely agree with @jamesbarker . Let's get base functionality working .Not able to nullify a person field should be basic functionality. It's been over 2 years since this idea was first registered. Any updates @PowerAutomate team??

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I just stumbled upon this issue... would be great if the function could work as expected.


Any update?

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...not that I'm aware of 😞

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In the context of GDPR this will be a dealbreaker if not implemented soon!