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Enable "ALL" users to start the flow

If MS Flow is successor of the SharePoint Designer workflows, then the basic feature available in designer workflows to enable the service account to create and publish the workflows and all users having access to the list/library to trigger/start the workflow should also be available in the FLOW


Basically the idea is to have single service account to create and publish the flows and all end-users should be able to trigger/start the flow provisioned by the service account.

These users should not be the owners/contributors of the Flow, however if a FLOW is attached to list/library they should be only able to start the flow.


For E.g.: All users should be able to manually start the “Publish Document” Flow attached to the document library


Hope MS take note of this and allow all users [with appropriate permissions] to trigger/start a flow provisioned by the Service Account.



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Flows look great, except they only work for the person who created it. Please make this work for all users to be able to start a flow created by another user.

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This is now updated to share with other, have a look here -

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Hi There Just want to say great Product and I am loving what you are doing with it. However I think you may have missed the point in that Developers want to Make their Flow the default Flow for all users in a list especially when it comes to Approvals. this means that the following would occur:

1. Owner creates an approval Flow on a list.

2 Shares it with the list

3 Editors of the list create pages and the Approval Button on the Page layout view activates the default workflow and all of the usual notifications appear on page.


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I think what people are really asking for is the ability to use a service principal (like you can with PnP) to authenticate rather than a user account when using various connectors.


I.e. Set these up for use in O365 Flows/PowerAutomation


From an auditing prospective, having people basically build an "app" to automate processes sucks as it'll show Some_Person performing tasks that were actually triggered by somebody else.


From a security perspective, it sucks having a huge target like a user account being setup just to update a column in SharePoint as it has way, way, way, way more access than it actually needs along with the ability to be used interactively when it should never be used interactively.