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Enable "Current Value" default setting for dynamic fields in Update Actions

When using Update actions - e.g. Update Item - we don't always want to have to find values for fields that are not being touched.


It would be useful to have a default option [Current Value] to ensure field content stays unchanged.  This is particularly important for Choice type fields, where a previously-set value must be maintained.


It would also be useful to have a [Null] option for clearing previous content. 

Status: New
Advocate II

Can't agree with this more.


I have several lists with over 20 columns of type yes/no or choice fields. If I have a flow and I want this flow to update the value of a single field in an "Update List Item" step, I have to specify for each and every choice or yes/no field that it needs to maintain the current value otherwise they will go back to the default.


Let's consider the effort involved there ... I want to change the value of 1 field, but to do so I have to specify the vlaue of 20+ fields.


In situations like this, I regress to SharePoint Designer instead of Flow. I really want to adopt Flow, but limitations like this really make it difficult.

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This would be very helpful on the long run. Any updates?