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Enable sending an email to the arbitrarily selected users by setting via Flow.

I am aware of the behavior that the approval Flow can only send an email to the fixed contacts, therefore the users are required to select the user's name who they want to send each time. The destination of email differs for every opportunity so that I hope the feature will be enabled to send an email to the arbitrarily selected users by setting. Thank you for your continued support.

Status: New
Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Anyone know about a workaround?


I just found about this and it was the facepalm of the day 🙂 /endrant


I tried using

SHP person collumn - internal server error at the start approval action

compose action into a get user info action - bad request error at the get user info


Also, even though this probably should be in another thread but I shall ask anyway, will there evere be a possibility to send approval email on behalf of someone else? 


For example, I create a approval workflow for a selected SHP library and the approval action will appear on behalf the user who modified the SHP item via the when a item is modified trigger. (using the MS flow integration button for shp libraries is not enough as it does not allow for multiple items to be trigered at once, you can only start the flow for one item at a time).