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Enable users to trigger attended PAD flows using keyboard or desktop shortcut

Like some of the other RPA products on the market, it would be great if users are able to trigger their PAD flows via:


1. Keyboard shortcut

2. Desktop icon

3. CMD/Powershell script


This would enable PAD to be extended to additional use cases.



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The application PAD has replaced (WinAutomation) had all the triggers you suggest and more.  


Within WinAutomation, you had a built in 'TriggerName' variable, which enabled me to take different logical paths within the flow, depending on what triggered it.  i.e. scheduled trigger, keyboard shortcut etc.  this was every useful when switching between testing and live flows.  A basic condition on the 'TriggerName' allowed me to set up a series of default variables, negating the need to edit the flow and variables so much.      


As you suggest, would be great to have in PAD and very useful for complex flows @eric-cheng