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Enable variable values to persist for Recurring flows


If you have a Recurring flow it will be beneficial to be able to pass variables from one iteration to another, aka 'persistence' between flows.


This will be of value in a range of scenarios: I was hoping to create a Flow that runs on a regular schedule, testing for the health of a service. The Flow would use a variable to pass the last status message to future iterations of the flow, but variables don't currently persist. The object of this particular exercise is to stop repeated notifications when the service is down, and only sending one when the service comes back up again.


Another use of persisting variables would be to "back off" a notification message, perhaps sending you the reminder on a reducing frequency until the test passes.


I'm sure you can think of plenty of other examples where this will be handy.


I appreciate you can work around this by storing the values elsewhere, however that moves the data off the Flow platform and introduces more compexity & potentially destablises the Flow, requiring the introduction of further error-checking into the Flow to cater for a failure of the data store.



- G.


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Two years later, still no answer? 😕

That's sad, I desperately wait for that feature too