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Encourage people to move from Email to Teams

I would like to create a Flow app that takes an Email with the following criteria:


- Addressed only to me

- Length is less than N lines/words/chars (whatever is easiest)

- Message is from someone in my organization (based on Email suffix)

- Message is NOT from a list of Email addresses to be excluded


And automatically have Flow bot post a message in Teams with the following criteria:


- Recipients includes both FROM and TO fields of Email message

- Body of message is BODY of Email message

- If subject is required, it could be the SUBJECT of the Email message


I have tried this and it is not possible today because:


- Outlook connector does not support "only to me", "not from", or "length", although this could possibly be implemented as a Flow condition

- [BLOCKED] Teams connector for Flow bot to post to user only supports a single receipient, so it cannot start a new chat with both FROM and TO (although Teams supports multi-user direct messages)


Status: New