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Enhance Planner Task Details Actions

Please enhance the MS Planner connectors Get/Update Task and Get/Update Task Details to return ALL task fields as dynamic data, including

  • display names for the Plan, the Bucket the task is in, the task status, and the person the task is assigned to
  • the display names for the labels the plan has been tagged with

Add  connectors to run under "For Each..." to retrieve the following for a selected task

  • List/Get Attachments,
  • List/Get Checklist items and
  • List/Get timestamped Notes
Status: New
Not applicable

We especially want access to the Checklists in the action. It is included in the rest API but some reason was left out of the Flow Action.

Regular Visitor

Add Bucket to the items that can be updated.

Solution Sage

The "Show on Card" checkbox for the Description field would also be useful to have in Flow so it can be set when the Description is updated.