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Enhanced User Interface functionality - Sorting, Filtering, Tags

As I have been developing more flows for my organization, my flow list keeps growing and it is becoming more tedious to locate flows that I worked on months ago. Sometimes I cannot find them because I forgot that I shared them and they are actually in the "Team flow" area. While it is not the end of the world if I spend more time finding them, I imagine individuals with 100s of flows would find value (soon to be me the way I'm going) in an enhanced user interface where you can:


  1. Group flows based on:
    1. Tags/Categories. I have attempted to use the "solutions" area but it was not as intuitive as I had hoped. I'd like to have a view where I see all flows that I've tagged which are associated with a specific project, SharePoint List etc. from the "My Flows" area.
    2. Trigger
    3. Type - e.g Scheduled, Automated etc.
  2. Sort/Filter Flows based on:
    1. Sort/Filter by Name
    2. Date Created, Date Modified
    3. Tags, Connector(s)
    4. Off/On
    5. Trigger
    6. Type



Status: New