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Enterprise custom fields availability in Project Online triggers and actions

Without the availability of enterprise custom fields the usefulness of Project Online triggers and actions are quite limited.

Status: New
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I would also like to be able to set Enterprise Custom fields via Flow.

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I would love to set a Flow that sends an email when the Owner field is changed. Thank You!

New Member

Need the abilty to trigger a flow based on the data contained in a custom field.   

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I've found new needs to be able to communicate with the Project Custom fields. If we could update an Enterprise Custom Field, I could have our project Ranks update nightly. If we could write to other fields, I could get rid of my SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow.

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Any update on timing for this idea set? This is a must have for each project level.

New Member

I really need it so much. It will empower our Project Online and SharePoint a lot.