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Error catch

Flows should have some sort of error catcher that allows you to modify a varible that prevented the next step from working. 

IE: Create Azure AD user, UPN has a trailing space and the task fails. The error catcher gets it and allows you to modify what is fed into the process to make it proceed successfully completing the flow without needing to re-run. 

Status: New
Advocate IV

The "Error Catcher" should work like a Region (german: "Bereich") or the "Error Catcher" should be the final part at this element.



New Member

Alternatively, I would suggest it could be a new type "Add an error switch," that would work as a switch.






  1. Get a row (Excel)
  2. Error Switch
    1. 404: Create a row (Excel)
Advocate IV

Sounds also good 🙂