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Error message as dynamic content

I'm doing some error handling for my Flows, I'm using 'configure run after' when previous action failed. Here, I could really use having the error message as a dynamic content in the next action. In case I want to notify the owner of the Flow by email/notification or just log it, it would be nice to be able to send what the actual error was. 

For example, I got an error that the file was too big, if I've had that message as dynamic content, I could log that the Flow failed only due to the file size and all the connections are fine. This also helps to define whether the failure is critical and needs attention immedietly, or there is nothing that can be done to fix it (if for example file comes externaly).

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You can. Just use:


to get the body JSON (note use of _ to replace anyspaces in the action name), then just dump into whatever you're using for logging (SP list, teams channel, etc) or parse it to get the specifics you're looking for...