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Excel - Get a Cell, and Set a Cell.

I want to get a cell value and, set a cell value without table.


Idea is:

  Excel - Get a cell.

  Excel - Set a cell.


My scenario is:

1. Get a cell value from Excel on OneDrive, and do some thing.

1-a. Collect a survey from persons by Excel file, and update database.

2. Set a cell value to Excel on OneDrive, and do some thing.

2-a. Get a value from database, and update a Excel report file.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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Or GetCellRange and SetCellRange - turn the range into xml/json

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I am looking for GetACell and StoreACell function also.

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Or a Simple Set Table "NAME"  $A$1:$Z$100


To Manually Identify a data Set with Headers equal to the column Id  A, B, C etc