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Excel - New action - Run a macro



As now you can connect Microsoft Flow to physical buttons, it would be a great thing to run macro using physical button, not to open excel, enable macros, clicking something etc. So please add a new kind of action for Excel - "Run a macro!"

Status: New
Advocate IV

Adding my support for the ability to edit .xlsm files and launch macros from Flow!

Regular Visitor

Agree to all above..

Regular Visitor

Yes please add this function to start Excelfile with Macro.

Advocate II

14th'd. I fully support the need to get macros to run from Flow.


For us, we could use this action to:

On receipt of email from CRM

Export a "TO ORDER" CSV from the relevant quote with the parts required

New Flow triggered by CSV creation runs macro in stock control sheet to read the fittings in the CSV.

Once that's done the same macro could move the CSV to ORDERED folder.

I know it looks like Sage can do that, but we're a manufacturing firm with bespoke BOMs to sell - Sage just doesn't cut it for that.


Is there is any way to connect macro files to MS flow?